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LipoSculpting with Micro-Liposuction and Smart Lipo

Body sculpting is essentially a dream come true. Everyone has localized areas of accumulated fat, often inherited or genetic, that no matter what you do they can not eliminate them by diet and exercise. But this fat can be permanently removed by Micro-liposuction and or SmartLipo, also referred to as Laser Lipo.

Fat Distribution In The Body

The body fat of an adult tends to increase gradually over the years and by the age of 30 an individual adds fat according to a genetically predetermined pattern. This fat distribution is often resistant to diet and exercise. An example is the fat that appears on the abdomen and hips after pregnancy.

Body Fat Distribution

Men often get a large belly and love handles while women often notice a lower abdominal bulge and a general increase in tummy flab. Both men and women notice more fat desposits under the neck and jowls as well as loose skin.


With Micro-liposuction, often called tumescent liposuction, you can restore your waist and smooth abdominal bulges so that the stomach is flatter. Combined with treatment of the love handles the results can be dramatic with the body not only looking slimmer, but younger and better contoured. SmartLipo afterwards tightens the skin so this can significantly change the way your clothes fit or the way you look in a bathing suit.

Micro-Lipo Suction Before & After Illustration

Permanent Fat Loss

The fat that is removed will NEVER come back. You do not produce more fat cells as an adult so the new silhouette is permanent. When a patient who has undergone micro-liposuction and Smart Lipo laser lipo gains weight, the areas originally treated maintain their new desirable silhouette, whereas areas not treated show new deposits of fat. This is why we have a FREE maintenance program designed to help you stay looking great.

The goal is to achieve an aesthetically appealing silhouette rather than to maximize the amount of fat removed. The cosmetic success relies on removing inches not pounds. For example, removing a fat equivalent to half a pound of butter from each outer thigh of a woman's saddlebag area would result in a dramatic change in silhouette, but not a significant change to the persons' weight. Overall you can expect a minimum of 50% improvement and most patients get 75-80% improvement.

Before and After Liposuction Female Body Illustration


Before and After Liposuction Male Body Illustration

Quick Return to Normal Activities

By avoiding stitches to close incision sites, there is a marked acceleration in the rate of healing. Patients are now noticing that bruising is almost entirely absent one week after surgery. In Tumescent Anesthesia Liposuction the tumescent anesthesia technique allows the residual anesthetic solution to drain out very quickly, it not only eliminates bruising, but also lessens inflammation. By using this technique, the healing process is significantly accelerated.

Because of the significant decrease in swelling, and decrease in inflammation and pain after surgery, patients are able to return to normal physical activities very soon afterwards. There is no limitation to physical activity other than what common sense would dictate. Some patients are able to return to jogging, golf, light aerobic exercise within a day or two after surgery. Some patients do find the soreness after surgery more significant than others, but on the average, most patients are quite surprised at how quickly they are able to return to normal activity.


There are several reasons for this significant rapid recovery and decreased in bruising.

  1. There is so little bleeding with the Tumescent Technique that there is almost no blood remaining beneath the skin to cause bruising.
  2. The advits (insertion points) are so small that they do not require stitches which allows them to remain slightly open for two to three days permitting most of the residual anesthetic solution and blood to drain out which helps to minimize the bruising and swelling and therefore accelerates the rate of healing.
  3. Lastly, with the Smart Lipo laser you have decreased bleeding, bruising and tighter skin.