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Can You Really Increase Penis Size?



Would you like to improve your sex life? Would you like it to be easy, safe and doctor guaranteed? Over 30 million men in the U.S. suffer from some sort of Erectile Dysfunction and are seeking some sort of male enhancement.


Chart of Penis Sizes


Using the technique of Liposculpting, it is possible to reduce the fat pad that sits in front of the symphysis pubis. Under local anesthesia and through a tiny needle hole a small flexible laser fiber (the size of a strand of speghetti) can be used to melt the fat, kills the fat cells and tighten the skin... permanently!


One treatment is all most patients need to have more of the actual penis shaft to be visible. In fact, you can see gains of up to 1/2-1 inch in functional penis size. And this is not simply an aesthetic improvement!


This is a FUNCTIONAL increase in penis size. As seen in the diagrams below intercourse involves penetration of the penis up to the pubic bone; therfore, you can actually have deeper penetration if there is less fat in the way. The "hidden root" of the penis is made more available to men during intercourse. A landmark study by Schultz, et al done in the Netherlands with MRI imaging during intercourse was published in December 1999 and clearly shows the significance of the penile root to deep penetration. The images obtained showed that during intercourse in the "missionary position" the penis has the shape of a boomerang and 1/3 of its length consists of the root of the penis.


"The hypothesised anatomy of human coitus, as drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in about 1493 and by Dickinson in 1933, could be tested with magnetic resonance imaging. According to our images, the caudal position of the male pelvis during intercourse, the potential size of the bulb of the corpus spongiosum, and the capacity of the penis in erection to make an angle of around 120° to the root of the penis, enabled penetration along the bottom of the symphysis up to the woman's promontorium (fig. 3) or to the middle part of the sacrum (fig. 4) almost parallel to her spine. The "hidden" position of the root of the penis must have been the reason for the difference between the angle of penetration as envisaged by Dickinson and the penetration angle on our images. The images showed that during "missionary position" intercourse the penis is not straight, as drawn by Leonardo. It has the shape of a boomerang and not of an S as envisaged by Dickinson. Leonardo and Dickinson clearly underestimated the size of the root of the penis. Scanning of the position of the human genitals during coitus gives a convincing impression of the enormous size of the average penis in erection (root plus pendulous part is 22 cm) and of the volume of vaginal and pelvic space required by the pendulous part of the penis."


Leonardo Da Vinci Copulation Drawing Anatomy of Sexual Intercourse Envisaged by R L Dickinson and Drawn by R S Kendall
Fig 1. "The Copulation" as imagined and drawn by Leonardo da Vinci.2 With permission from the Royal Collection. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is gratefully acknowledged. Fig 2. Midsagittal image of the anatomy of sexual intercourse envisaged by R L Dickinson and drawn by R S Kendall3


MRI Image Of Sexual IntercurseMRI of Sexual Intercourse Graphic
Fig 3. Midsagittal image of the anatomy of sexual intercourse (experiment 12). P=penis, Ur=urethra, Pe=perineum, U=uterus, S=symphysis, B=bladder, I=intestine, L5=lumbar 5, Sc=scrotum


A comprehensive evaluation by your doctor will let you know if you are a good candidate for Meso-Boost and what kind of gain you can expect. There are none of the inherent risk of surgery such as bleeding, infection, and scarring. No general or even local anesthesia is needed. In fact, the only real potential side effect is inflammation in the area and some hyperalgesia (itchy) that can last a few days. This is usually not an issue for most patients and can be lessened with medications like anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen.